Act Like Jesus: “Service & Sharing” 6.26.16 – Pastor Snider

VLC – Act Like Jesus: “Service & Sharing” 6.26.16 – Pastor Neal Snider from Victory Lutheran Church Mesa AZ on Vimeo.

“Service & Sharing” – John 13:12-17 – Pastor Neal Snider

There is a time to speak and a time to remain silent ; a time to act and a time to withdraw from action.

The words of Jesus are for disciples only.

Don’t confuse disciples of Jesus with a religious person or what might be called a “spiritual” person.

Satan is the Diabolical One.

Everybody wants a Savior; few want a Lord.

Students of Jesus have discovered another lie of Diablos, namely, that people have a free will in relation to God.

Every disciple of Jesus is called to be Islamic, not Muslim by Islamic.

Stewardship is a worn out word.

Jesus never mentioned tithing as a standard of giving for his followers.

What is the cost of discipleship? Not 10%, but 100%.

Study Questions:

1. What does a context contribute to words or actions?  Can you think of occasions when words or actions were misunderstood because the context was not considered?
2. How does timing of a word affect the usefulness of the word or action?  Can you think of specific instances when your word or action was particularly appropriate of inappropriate (but would/would not have been at another time)?
3. Does your perception of Satan change with the terms used for him?  If so, in what way?
4. Do people have free will in relation to God?  What are the implications of either yes or no?
5. Were the comments about stewardship pertinent or did they “miss the
6. Is the cost of discipleship too high?

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