Act Like Jesus: “Worship & Pray” 6.5.16 – Pastor Kassebaum

VLC – Act Like Jesus: “Worship and Pray” – 6.5.16 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum from Victory Lutheran Church Mesa AZ on Vimeo.

Act Like Jesus: “Worship & Pray” –  Luke 4:14-21 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum

Get a good start

Busyness is a poor substitute for holiness.

Worship is not an earthly event we attend, it’s a heavenly event we experience.

Luke 4:14

The closer the better

Stay by His side and keep your eyes and ears open.

We will draw strength from Him and He will be our comfort and shield.

John 14:12

It’s your move

Make sure you crawl off the throne of God and onto the altar of God.

Be prepared for you feelings to follow your actions.

Luke 14:16a


Study Questions:

1. Have you ever experienced the blessing and power of a retreat or church camp that started and ended each day with worship and prayer? What were some of the ways that changed your day/life?

2. Notice scripture says that Jesus had the custom or habit of worship and prayer. What habits/customs do you have in your life that draw you close to Jesus?

3. What were the most important lessons you think the disciples learned by their 24/7 experience of walking with Jesus?

4. What do you think it was about the prayer life of Jesus that led the disciples to ask Him to “teach them how to pray?”

5. How does thinking of worship as a “heavenly event” change our attitudes and actions related to it?

6. If the Biblical Jesus spent 24 hours with you what suggestions/observations do you think He’d make?

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