Advent: “Get Ready!” 11.27.16 – Pastor Snider

Advent Series: “Get Ready!” – Matthew 24:36-44 – Pastor Neal Snider
-Anticipation is wonderful but it creates a problem.
-With all of those plans, where does that leave God?
-We are too impatient to wait for God to give us the future. That is unbelief.
-God’s coming is usually not pleasant because He disturbs our own plans.
-God’s coming is sudden and unexpected.
-When God comes He creates separation.

Study Questions:

1. Is today the first day of the rest of your life or the last day of your life? Can you reconcile the two options? How?
2. Can you live with active anticipation and yet wait patiently for God to act? Reconcile the two.
3. What problems are raised by anticipation? What opportunities?
4. Have you ever met God when you did not expect the meeting? Explain.
5. Has God ever imposed the future on you? Explain.
6. Is failure to wait for God to act to bring the future an expression of unbelief? Explain.

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