Advent: “Listen!” 12.11.16 – Pastor Kassebaum

“Listen!” – Matthew 11:2-15 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum

When faith leaks

Doubt can easily have a domino effect on the rest of our life.

In times of great stress we may find we look in the wrong places and listen to the wrong voices.

Matthew 11:2-3

Re-energized by hope

Jesus preaching and teaching was a powerful mixture of criticism and encouragement.

Jesus shows us our faith is to be in the resurrection not in a revolution.

John 11:4-5

Now and not yet

Look and listen for a word from Jesus this Advent Season.

Be especially alert for the power of Jesus that gives you courage when things don’t change.

Romans 8:28

Study Questions:

1. What are some of the reasons John the Baptist would have been so disillusioned?

2. What can you learn by comparing your life/circumstances to his?

3. What do you think of Jesus’ answer to John?

4. What do you think John was expecting from Jesus? How did his expectations contribute to his discouragement?

5. Look at how Jesus praised John, why should John find that comforting?

6. Look at how Jesus treated John in his dire predicament, what should that tell you about what you can expect in your struggles?

7. What advantages do you have over John in facing your doubts/fears?

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