Agriculture Day 1 – Monday, August 27

We were excited to meet the agriculture students. It was a heart-warming experience for all of us. Several of the students came eager to learn.
In the afternoon we visited the Orchard: Africa Village. The 8 buildings consist of a board room, food storage, church, library, OA office, caretaker housing,  agriculture and feeding program.
Pastor Patrick talked about the importance of our visit to the community and the church.
“You spend lots of money to come here and spread God’s love. Most of you are not young, but you still come. We really appreciate it. You bring importance to Fountain of Hope Church just by your presence.”


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  1. Judy Kassebaum

    On Aug 28, 2018

    So interesting to see the growth of the Orchard:Africa Village since we have been there in 2016. The students/adults are excited to see you as much as you are to see them. Enjoy!

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