And God Said: “I Will Bless You” 9.18.16 – Pastor Kassebaum


“I Will Bless You” – Genesis 12:1-5 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum

Let go and let God

Abram was asked to let go of stability, worldly comfort and family ties.

If a message is truly from God, it will likely seem outlandish and impossible to fulfill.

Genesis 12:4

A precious presence

This isn’t really a story about a promise, it’s primarily a story about a promiser.

As you walk with Jesus, you will discover that the journey is as important as the destination.

Genesis 17:5

It’s not about you

The purpose of God’s blessing is not about accumulation, it’s about transformation.

Always make worship a part of your pilgrimage.

Genesis 42:1-2

Study Questions:

1. What have been some of your most disruptive moves? What good came from them?

2. What was there about Abraham’s life that might have made him more willing to obey God? What’s going on in your life that might make you more open to a call from God?

3. What were likely some of the thoughts going through the minds of Abraham and Sarah?

4. What were some of the benefits of Abraham and Sarah having to leave all that was familiar to them?

5. Of the blessings promised to Abraham, which ones sound most appealing to you?

6. What would you say are your greatest blessings from God? How are you using them to bless others?

7. How have you built altars to celebrate and remember God’s presence in your life?

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