And God Said: “Trust Me” 11.13.16 – Pastor Kassebaum

And God Said: “Trust Me” – Daniel 3:13-18 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum

A slippery slope

Nobody trips over mountains, but we do trip over rocks.

All temptation starts with doubt and leads to disobedience.

Daniel 3:15b

Signs of His presence

You can rule out God’s inability and apathy with regard to your struggles.

Be alert for God’s fingerprints and footprints at all times.

Daniel 3:25

Ready for life

Pack a resource kit for life’s predictable challenges.

Life begins when you believe that it’s better to die than worship idols.

Daniel 3:17

Study Questions:

1. What are the major lessons you learned from the story of these brave men?

2. What events in your life are comparable to this story?

3. Looking at your past, what are some of the ways God was present in your in your difficult times?

4 .What were the transformational results for the three men and even the king because of the events of this story?

5. What Biblical stories and life experiences assure you of God’s ability and God’s concern?

6. Why do you think this is one of the most popular stories of the Old Testament?

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