Believe Like Jesus: “God is Your Father” 7.10.16 – Pastor Kassebaum

Believe Like Jesus: “God is Your Father” 7.10.16 – Pastor Kassebaum from Victory Lutheran Church Mesa AZ on Vimeo.

“God is Your Father” – Matthew 6:25-32 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum

God is …….?

Our understanding of God will drive all we are and all we do.

We need to trade in our misconceptions about God for the truth.

Psalm 136:1

If you only knew

How much God loves you.

How consistent He is.

How close He is.

Isaiah 43:1

Live like a believer

You can be sure your Heavenly Father is in charge and in control.

Make it your aim to know and follow His will for your life.

Matthew 6:33


Study Questions:

1. What are some qualities of your earthly father/mother that could mess up your understanding of your Heavenly Father?

2. What are some Bible verses you have memorized or could memorize that could help you keep a healthy image of your Heavenly Father?

3. What are some of the important ways that Jesus’ relationship with His Heavenly Father was created and/or reinforced?

4. How do you think you have been affected by the fact that all “man-made” religions are designed to try and manipulate a fickle god?

5. If you’re a parent you know the hopes and dreams you have for your children. What are some of the things you think your Heavenly Father hopes and dreams for you?

6. What are some of the signs/symptoms that you have a healthy and intimate relationship with your Heavenly Father?

7. How might the love of your Heavenly Father fill a void in your life for a parents short-comings or for parents who have died?

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