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“The Thief” 3.18.18 – Pastor Kassebaum

Tickets on sale for $15. If you have an item, gift basket or gift certificate you would like to donate for the auction, please drop off by April 8th. All donations are greatly appreciated and all proceeds go to support this summer’s mission team (August 23-September 3, 2018). Interested in going? Talk to Pastor Lien.

On Easter Sunday, bright white lilies will adorn the Sanctuary. As each flower silently trumpets the resurrection, it also serves to remind us of the life of someone who was, or is, special to you. Easter Lilies are $10 each. If you wish to honor someone by contributing, offering envelopes are located in the bay window.

We need volunteers to usher and serve communion for the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunrise services.

We are collecting candy for the Easter egg Hunt at the Crismon Campus to put inside plastic eggs. No nuts or chocolate, due to melting. Please place your donations in the box by the Nursery.

“When Sin is Forgiven” 2.4.18 – Pastor Kassebaum


FEB 25TH AT 3:00PM (OR) FEB 26TH AT 6:00PM

Note, this is not a normal Bible Study! We’re using the word B.I.B.L.E. as an acronym which stands for the words Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. In other words, these 90 minute forums will help participants best prepare themselves for the last days and weeks of their lives and ensure that we do our best to continue blessing our families and loved ones even after our earthly lives end. We are going to gather a variety of resource people who can help all of us not only avoid choices and decisions that can cause unnecessary pain, division and added expense if not adequately addressed.

Set aside the time of 3:00pm on Sunday, February 25th OR 6:30pm on Monday, February 26th for your chance to make important new plans or review your old ones to make sure you don’t leave your loved ones with any unpleasant surprises. Here are some of the topics we will discuss:

  • What are some of the best reasons to pre-plan not only your funeral home plans but also your own funeral/memorial service? We’ll offer free resources to do that!
  • How can you avoid some of the biggest planning/financial mistakes people commonly make prior to their death?
  • Why do so many people leave their families a legacy of conflict and problems after their death? How can your planning minimize these types of problems?
  • How can you ensure that your children/loved ones are beneficiaries and not victims?
  • Did you know you might be able to triple or quadruple your retirement income by partnering with the church? Did you know you might also be able to increase the value of assets given to loved ones by first giving to the church?

This is an informational and inspirational event. We are hoping that everyone will leave feeling much more prepared to deal with these “realities of life” and an exciting “to do list” of things they can do to bless those they will leave behind!