“Heart-Warming Faith” 4.30.17 – Pastor Glesne

“Heart-Warming Faith” – Luke 24:14-35/1 Peter 1:17-23 – Pastor Glesne

The Walk

Jesus enters the pain and disappointment of His people.

God actively seeks people.

We are blessed when we recognize that God is with us.

What we learn from Cleopus and his friend:

1)  Christ Jesus walks with them

2) Christ Jesus talks with them

3) Christ Jesus opens the scripture to them

4) Christ Jesus breaks bread with them

5) Christ Jesus sends them back to the fellowship


Study Questions:

1. If you had been one of Jesus’ followers nearly two thousand years ago, how would you have reacted to His death on the cross?

2. Based on the apostles’ reaction, what can we conclude about what they had believed about Jesus’ death?

3. Why do you think they not recognize Him at first?

4. Try to think of a time when you were struggling to understand something and, suddenly, the “lights came on” and everything became perfectly clear.   What happened to make the difference?

5. In the final verses, how do the disciples come to recognize Jesus?  What part did the Scriptures play in their coming to recognize Him (verses 27 and 32)?

6. Jesus referred to passages throughout all the Scriptures that were about Him. What are some of these passages that he might have referred to? (Note: There are many such passages; you might want to read some verses such as Genesis 3:15; Numbers 21:6-9 [with John 3:14-15]; Deuteronomy 18:15; Psalms 22; 16:8-11; 118:22-23; Isaiah 11:1-7; 53:1-6; 61:1 [with Luke 4:18-22]; Daniel 7:13-14 [with Matthew 26:64].)

7. How did the Resurrection give the disciples hope?

8. Why is the Resurrection central to the Christian faith?  How does the truth  about the Resurrection impact you?

9. What do you think it means that their hearts “burned within them” when Jesus opened the Scriptures to them (verse 32)? Have you ever experienced this as you engaged the Scriptures?

10. What difference does it make that Jesus is alive today?

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