“Jesus Reinstates Peter” 5.14.17 – Pastor Kassebaum

“Jesus Reinstates Peter” – John 21:15-19 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum

The third time is charm

There is a huge difference between love confessed and love expressed.

Peter serves as role model for understanding the nature of forgiveness and restoration.

John 21:15

A change of heart 

We are different people when we realize we have been loved sacrificially.

Forgiveness leads to restoration and restoration leads to a call- to follow!

John 21:16

Practice makes permanent

Be gentle with yourself!

Give away the precious gift of time!

1 John 3:16

Study Questions:

1. What are some of the reasons this story belongs in the Bible?

2. What are some of the reasons Jesus asked Peter the same question three times?

3. If you had been Peter, how would you have felt by the time you had answered the third question?

4. What do you think Jesus meant when he said, “feed my sheep”?

5. What valuable lesson(s) can you learn from Peter’s story about the connection between failure and taking on new responsibility?

6. How have you recognized helping you overcome failure/disappointment in your life?

7. What rituals help you reinforce Christ-like attitudes and behaviors?


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