“Lazarus is (not) Dead” 4.2.17 – Pastor Glesne



Jesus wept with those He loved, and He still does

Jesus raised people up, and He still does

Jesus includes other people in the Healing process.

The Rest of the Story ………John 11:45-53

Study Questions:

1. When Jesus receives word of Lazarus’ illness, what does He tell His disciples? See John 11:3-4
2. How does John describe Jesus’ feeling toward Lazarus? What does Jesus do when He learns that Lazarus is seriously ill?
3. This is a story about God’s restorative power. Loss of a job or loved one. Feeling trapped in life. Endless deep despairs. What experiences have you had with God’s restorative power?
4. What does Ezekiel 37: 1-14 add to your understanding of the passage from John, belief in God’s powers or thoughts about God’s intentions for humanity?
5. What kinds of situations do people face which might cause them such despair that they feel like dried, dead bones?
6. Count how many times belief or believe is used in the passage. What do you think those words mean? What do you think lies beyond belief?
7. If someone were to ask, “What did you learn today?” how would you reply?
8. How do you think life was different for Lazarus after this experience? Were his priorities the same as before? Did he work less and spend more time with his family and friends? Can you imagine what his new life was like, and then apply it to our own lives as resurrected people through our baptismal births?
9. How would you explain to a non-believer or new believer what it means to Christians that Christ raised Lazarus?

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