PALM SUNDAY: “Live Before You Die” 4.9.17 – Pastor Kassebaum

“Live Before You Die” – John 12:12-19 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum

Remember you don’t know what you don’t know

Jesus’ life and teachings challenge us to boldly live our faith.

Many Christians never find them themselves in a moral dilemma because they have watered down Christ’s claims on their lives.

Matthew 21:2-3

In the name of the Lord

Trust Jesus and be suspicious of large crowds.

Remember a horrible week in the life of the disciples became a Holy Week for us.

John 12:16

Jesus is Lord

Eternal glory begins when knees bow and tongues confess.

Make sure you’re a follower of Jesus and not just a fan and be prepared to shout.

John 12:13

Study Questions:

1. What were some of the things the crowd in Jerusalem might have expected when Jesus rode into Jerusalem?

2. How did His riding on a donkey send a different message than had He ridden on a white horse?

3. What kind of kingdom were the people of His day expecting Him to bring? How did their wishes differ from Jesus’ intent?

4. What role do you think their “unmet expectations” played in some people from this crowd changing their chants to “crucify Him” before the week was over?

5. Think of how Jesus has ridden into your life. What are some of the unexpected times and ways He has shown up in your life?

6. As you reflect on some of your “key life decisions” what are some ways you either blended in with the crowd or boldly confessed Jesus as Lord?

7. When was the last time anyone could have accused you of “shouting” your praises of Jesus?


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