Love Life Live Lent: “Restored by Reconciliation” 3.6.16 – Pastor Glesne

VLC – Love Life Live Lent: “Restored by Reconciliation” 3.6.16 – Pastor Jim Glesne from Victory Lutheran Church Mesa AZ on Vimeo.

“Restored by Reconciliation” –  Luke 15:11-22 – Pastor Jim Glesne

Reconciliation begins with God.

Forgiveness often takes time, it is not a momentary thing.

Reconciliation is finished in restitution.

A principle: Prayer is the salve for wounded parties; it is the lubricant for friction in relationships.

Three “R’s” of our Spiritual Life:




Study Questions:

1. The son wasn’t sure how things would play out when he got home. What were his hopes? How did he prepare?
2. The father knew what he would do; knew he would forgive his son. When do you think he knew what he would do? Why?
3. We can be sure of God’s forgiveness for us. What reconciliation occurs in our relationship with God? How can that be?
4. What part do we play in that reconciliation?
5. In our humble state, God treats us like royalty. Talk about what reconciliation with God has meant in your life.


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