MIRACLES: “Let Go and Let God” 1.22.17 – Pastor Kassebaum

“Let Go and Let God” – Matthew 4:18-23 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum

Faith or foolishness

The call of Jesus is short on details and long on uncertainty.

Your fear will tell you what you are afraid of leaving behind and taking a leap of faith.

Matthew 4:20

When Jesus calls

Jesus drew people to Him because His words and actions promised a better life.

Jesus has the ability to see our true talent and transforms us with a higher calling.

Matthew 4:19

God uses our past

Jesus knew that fishermen would be used to frustration, hard work, setbacks and obstacles.

You already know enough to rise up and follow.

Joshua 24:15

Study Questions:

  1. If you had been one of those early fishermen who were invited to follow Jesus what would you have done?
  2. What are some of the factors that might have enabled them to make such a major decision so quick?
  3. Spiritually, are you:
  • Still tending the nets
  • Leaving the boat
  • Following hard after Jesus
  • Feeling left behind
  1. How do you feel when you compare their decisions and behavior to your own relationship with Jesus and his desires for you?
  2. If the disciples would have known all that was going to happen, do you think they would have still followed so quickly?
  3. Where do you see signs of a miracle in this story?
  4. How does this story help you see God’s miraculous work in your life?

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