New Year’s Day: “Seeing the Big Picture” 1.1.17 – Pastor Kassebaum

“Seeing the Big Picture” – Matthew 2:13-23 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum

It’s complicated

The exile of baby Jesus reminds us of the dual threats of evil and ego.

Trust and obedience are once again highlighted by the holy family’s behavior.

Matthew 2:16

An Awesome God

This story clearly reveals both the awesome power of God and God’s personal compassion.

God’s nature and will are not found by looking at our personal discomfort but are revealed in God’s faithfulness.

Matthew 2:14-15

Getting on with life

The wisest and safest way live is under the shelter of God’s purposes.

As you face the problems of the New Year, make sure you also focus on God’s promises.

Matthew 2:19-20

Study Questions:

1. Where do you see similarities between your life and these experiences of Mary and Joseph?

2. What are some of the reasons why Mary and Joseph would have been tempted to doubt God rather than remain trusting and obedient? What can you learn from their experience?

3. How does this story change our perspective about thinking “bad things” shouldn’t happen to “good people?

4. When you look back at your life, when/how have you been the victim of evil/ego? How might the evil and ego been your own doing?

5. When/how can you now see that God was doing some amazing things during some of the most difficult times your past? How does the passage of time make that perspective easier to see?

6. How does this story help prepare you for the uncertainties of the coming year?


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