“Our Need For Christian Community” 8.13.17 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum

“Our Need for the Key of Christian Community” – Hebrews 10:19-25

Solitaire is for cards
In the beginning, God intended for us to be in families and communities.
Most Christians don’t appreciate the blessings they have in their church family.
Genesis 2:18
Christ meets us in and through others
God uses our friends and families as spiritual incubators.
Even Jesus didn’t go alone hew was part of a small group.
Mark 9:2
The Holy Spirit calls us into community
Christians have long gathered in large assemblies for worship and in small groups for spiritual growth.
To create/sustain community a group needs equal parts of honest sharing, affirmation and shared commitment.
John 20:26-27

Study Questions:
1. What are some of the ways God has used your family and your church(s) to help make you holy?
2. How does the awareness that God puts us in community to make us holy (not happy) change how you evaluate your family/church?
3. What great truths have you learned from your grandparents? Grandchildren?
4. Who were some of the earliest people who nurtured your faith? Who are the people doing it now?
5. Who do you think would list you as someone who nurtured their faith?
6. How often do you genuinely share your faith with your friends and your family? Are you satisfied with that answer?
7. If you’re a part of a healthy small group, how is it blessing you? If you’re not, what action do you think the Holy Spirit would like to take to change that?

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  1. Larry Butler

    On Aug 14, 2017

    Pastor Larry:
    Just listened to your sermon on small groups & the need for them. Our LYFE group ( in Mesa) is the most important group in my life. Even being 1500 miles away in Washington we all still pray for & Support each other almost daily. I received a call from one of my LYFE group members just the other day.
    We all pray for each other, even from afar. They are so important to me. We are looking for opportunities of being ( or starting) LYFE groups here @ our valley Real Life church , in Spokane, Wa.
    My recovery from my CABG surgery is going well. I begin my outpatient Cardiac Rehab tomorrow.
    I’m almost back to normal. (assuming I ever was normal)! Praise the Lord. I give the lord all the credit for giving me a second chance in life here on this earth. Thank you Lord!
    The other Larry.

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