“Our Need For Daily Bible Reading” 8.6.17 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum

“Our Need for Daily Bible Reading” – Luke 8:4-15

Tripping hazards

It’s a myth that faith is the absence of thinking or questioning?

Your Bible will speak to you when you approach it with an inquiring mind and a hungering heart.

Psalm 119:105

Meet the author

Daily reading helps you focus on the devotional blessings that are aimed at your spiritual growth.

Expect God to be revealed and be inspired and transformed.

Luke 24:32

Consistency pays off

Focus your reading more on what you understand than on what you don’t understand.

Take advantage of the familiarity of God’s voice as it God’s heart and character.

John 10:27


Study Questions:

  1. When have you been most satisfied with your habit of reading the Bible?
  2. What are some of the reasons/excuses that keep you from a daily and meaningful habit of reading your Bible?
  3. Describe a time (or two) when you read a Bible passage and truly heard God speak in and through it?
  4. Would you say you are more inclined to read the Bible scholarly or devotionally? How do you think these two approaches are different?
  5. How has the Bible been spiritual nourishment for you?
  6. How can you argue or talk with God when you read the Bible?
  7. Describe a time when you were reading the Bible and a phrase or verse spoke directly to you.

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  1. Larry Butler

    On Aug 13, 2017

    Pastor Larry: for the past 7 weeks, I have been recovering from CABG surgery ,& have not been able to attend church here in Spokane. I have greatly enjoyed listening to your sermons on those Sundays, on my I phone. I’m getting better each day, but the process is slow! Praise the Lord for giving me more time, here on earth. I am very thankful! Thank you lord.!

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