“Our Need to Pray” 7.23.17 – Pastor Kassebaum

“Our Need to Pray” – Matthew 6:5-13 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum

Too important for feelings

Prayer is a habit because it only comes naturally as we practice it.

A disciplined prayer life helps us overcome misconceptions about God left by powerful and abusive people in our lives.

Luke 18:1

Look into the eyes of Jesus

We are easily tempted to look at the hands of Jesus rather than His heart.

Consider this, Jesus would rather love you from afar than manipulate you into a relationship.

Luke 15:20

Practice makes permanent

Daily prayer opens us to God’s guiding and to discovering our inner purpose.

Set aside your best time and go someplace where it is unlikely that you will be interrupted.

Matthew 6:6


Study Questions:

1. When you close your eyes, what face do you often place on God? How does that help/hinder your prayer life?

2. How should the face of Jesus change your prayer life?

3. If we have been created for a relationship with God, why is prayer so difficult at times?

4. How is our prayer blessed by an understanding of God’s respectful love for us?

5. What is your best time of day? How can you offer that to God in prayer?

6. Where are you best able to pray? Can you go there consistently?

7. What do you desire most when you spend time with God in prayer?

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