Palm Sunday: “The Price is…” 3.20.16 – Pastor Kassebaum

VLC – Palm Sunday: “The Price Is…” 3.20.16 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum from Victory Lutheran Church Mesa AZ on Vimeo.

“The Price is…” – Luke 19:37-44 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum

Too High

Crowds are seldom a good test of faithfulness.

The build-up of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem led to a bigger let-down.

Luke 19:41-42


Deliverance from sin requires both compassion and passion.

With his last seven days, Jesus changed the world forever.

Luke 19:47


We are continuously called to offer sacrifice when the world deserves/expects payback.

Deliberately practice compassion and gestures of love.

2 Corinthians 5:18

Study Questions:

1. How did Israel’s past history and its current events “fuel” the unrealistic expectations of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem?

2. In what ways is the world today like it was on the first Palm Sunday?

3. What were people expecting Jesus to do when he arrived in Jerusalem?

4. How were His plans different from theirs?

5. What are some of the unmet/unrealistic expectations you’ve had in your relationship with Jesus?

6. What kind of reception does Jesus get today when He comes into people’s lives?

7. When you think of Jesus coming into your life, are you more focused on what you want Him to do for you or “in and through you”? Why is the difference so important?






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