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November 3-7, 2014 – Mission Trip to Navajo Lutheran Mission


Navajo Lutheran Mission (NLM)

The Navajo Lutheran Mission, in partnership with the Navajo People and rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is a community seeking to meet the educational, health, social and spiritual needs of the Navajo People.

Back Pack Drive, Victory holds a backpack drive each year and collects school and healthcare supplies for the Navajo Lutheran Mission.  We also have mission teams that provide them with Vacation Bible School and make renovations to their campus.

Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission, Victory’s designated regional ministry focus, is celebrating 60 years of serving the Rock Point, AZ community as a church, clinic, school, and community/cultural center. The remote and isolated location of Rock Point (40 miles SW of Four Corners) gives rise to the vital importance of the Mission as it reaches out to serve the needs of 2600 Navajos living within a 10 mile radius.

House of Prayer is the campus church chartered in 1955. Contained in its records are the births of children born and baptized at the Mission. Some of those people still live in the community and attend HOP. The small congregation has been and continues to be an important gathering place and spiritual home for many Navajo families. Kate Adelman is currently serving as Pastor at HOP along with Interim Director responsibilities for the Mission as a whole.

The Navajo Christian Preparatory Academy is a private Christian school for grades K-6. At the Mission school, children learn in English and study the Navajo (Dine) language, as contrasted with the Navajo Nation Schools that learn are Navajo Language Emersion schools for grades K-3. The current principal and several other staff members attended the Mission School as children. Tuition for the students who attend the Mission school is provided through the Arizona Christian School Tax Organization, student sponsorships, individual and congregational donors.

The Mission reaches out to the community of Rock Point through feeding programs for the hungry at Hozho Café (a ministry of HOP) and health and wellness activities like eye and dental clinics, immunizations of people and animals, and student health exams. The Mission hosts community-wide events including Bible Studies, Community Dinners, and Craft and Cultural shows. Colleges and Universities visit the Mission to learn the nuances of Mission work among indigenous peoples. In the past year, over 600 visitors stayed in campus housing representing organizations, congregations, and individuals with interest and passion for learning and living among the Navajo.

Victory’s connection and mission focus remains relevant and dynamic through involvement. Pastor Kate has invited Victory members to visit the Mission November 2-7. Please indicate your interest by signing up at the Welcome Table. As the time draws near, those who wish to make the trip can work together on the details.

The History

More than fifty years ago Lutheran Christian missionaries arrived in Rock Point, AZ, a remote, isolated village near the Four Corners area where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah meet. They were leased 5 acres of land on which to build the Mission. The original goals stated on the lease included starting a medical center, a mechanic shop, a radio station and a Christian boarding school. The very first building on this land was a combined church, clinic and two apartments built in early 1954.

Today Rock Point is a gas station and convenience store, a Laundromat and post office, High School, a Chapter House and Senior Center –and 3000 people living on the land in family clans. Food and medical services are still more than 50 miles away and general shopping 115 miles away in New Mexico. The Mission campus provides a charter school site for K-6th grade for 70 children, a Private Christian Kindergarten, Health Clinic “Wellness Center”, and an ELCA congregation, the House of Prayer.