Know Jesus or No Jesus “Am I on the Right Path?” Larry Kassebaum

Know Jesus or No Jesus

“Am I on the Right Path?”   Matthew 7:13-23

Do you know this Jesus?       Matthew 7:15

According to Jesus, unconditional love has conditions.

Jesus warns us to be wary, he is very concerned.


Grace and truth                  John 3:16

The grace of God sends us on a path that is not easy.

Salvation comes by both recognizing his voice and obeying.


Be prepared for the long haul       Matthew 7:21

Immerse yourself in truth. Something that is mostly true is false.

Regularly check your track record. Is there fruit



  1. Jesus tells us to take the narrow gate instead of the wide gate. What is the narrow gate of which Jesus speaks?
  2. If there is NO Jesus in our life, the narrow gate may look as if it is closed or nonexistent. What might that look like to an unbeliever? What are some of the wide gates in an unbeliever’s life?
  3. To KNOW Jesus changes our perspective of life. The narrow gates begin to “look” wider. Does that mean that our choices align more completely with Jesus?
  4. Followers KNOW Jesus and their lives are changed. As an observation over a period of months or years, how has your life changed as you KNOW Jesus more?
  5. Worded another way, the more you become a Follower of Jesus, how do you expect your life to change?


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