VLC Foundation Board

grantapplication_buttonSemi-Annual disbursements from the Foundation are determined by the Foundation Board in response to written grant requests received twice a year (Spring & Fall). Now accepting applications for new and start-up ministries serving our Lord Jesus Christ.


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The Victory Lutheran Foundation is a vital component of the ministry of Victory Lutheran Church. It was established as a separate extension of the church to accept gifts to be held in an endowment fund. The contribution principal is invested in perpetuity.

The purpose of the Foundation is to further and enhance the principles, programs, purposes and mission of Victory Lutheran Church by encouraging biblical stewardship through lasting contributions of gifts and bequests.

Written by laws and policies guide the Foundation Board members. A five member board, serving three year terms, directs the Foundation. The Foundation’s activities are communicated in a report prepared for the annual congregational meeting. Because of the volunteer services of the Board, operational expenses are kept to a minimum.

Annual disbursements from the Foundation fund are determined by the Foundation Board in response to written grant requests received twice a year.

Contributions designated to the VLC Foundation are tax deductible.

If you have any questions or would like to make a donation, please contact Barb Butts at 480-830-5024 or email bbutts@victorylutheran.com.

During the year 2016 the Foundation Board distributed a total of $8,200 to the following recipients: Shirley’s Angels, Sanctuary Pew Bibles, Navajo Lutheran Mission, Girl’s Life Camp Ministry, Discipleship Classes and Crismon Mission Church.