“When the Good King Comes” – 11.20.16 – Pastor Kassebaum

“When the Good King Comes” – Matthew 25:1-13 – Pastor Larry Kassebaum

Consider Noah

There have always been people who live as though there is no day of reckoning and no accountability.

Some things cannot be done quickly and some things cannot be shared or bought.

Matthew 24:38

Love not fear

We need to learn to live on Easter Words not Good Friday words.

The reality of God’s love and the certainty of death should make precious things worthless.

Mark 8:36

Plan Ahead

Life’s important decisions cannot be put off until the last moment.

The best way to be ready for tomorrow is to be ready today.

Matthew 25:13

Study Questions:

1. In what ways were these ten women alike? Different?

2. Why is readiness/preparedness so important in preparing for Christ’s return/our own death?

3. How is it that some people can see death as a “thief in the night” and others can see it as a “bride awaiting the bridegroom?”

4. What do you think Jesus meant by the “oil in the lamps?”

5. How do you think Noah felt building a shop on “dry ground?” What in your life compares to Noah doing this?

6. How do you think Noah felt once started to rain? How have you experienced that feeling?

7. What is the most important lesson you can learn the parable of the 10 virgins and Noah and the ark?

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