The Alpha Course

Each of our sessions includes breakfast, a brief video presentation and small group discussion. All are welcome — members, friends, friends of friends! Whether you have just started your journey of faith or have been on the road for some time, Alpha is a great way to learn alongside others!

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Session 1: “Is There More to Life Than This?”
Session 2: “Who Is Jesus?”
Session 3: “Why Did Jesus Die?”
Session 4: “How Can I Have Faith?”
Session 5: “Why and How Do I Pray?”
Session 6: “Why and How Should I Read the Bible?”
Session 7: “How Does God Guide Us?”
Session 8: “Who is the Holy Spirit?”
Session 9:”What Does the Holy Spirit Do?” (lunch included)
Session 10: “How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit”
Session 11: “How Can I Make the Most Out of the Rest of My Life?”
Session 12: “How Can I Resist Evil?”
Session 13: “Why and How Should I Tell Others?”
Session 14: “Does God Heal Today?”
Session 15: “What About the Church?”

Below are the Alpha Course videos with captioning to watch (or rewatch) at your convenience!