Before and After

On the weekend of March 25th, we will celebrate Jesus entry into Jerusalem as we observe Palm Sunday. During the first three weeks of the month, we will take a closer look at three individuals who are often mentioned but seldom talked about: Nicodemus, Elizabeth and an unnamed thief on a cross. Using a theme of “Before and After” we will explore how their experiences with Jesus might provide us with important lessons and insights. Our schedule will be as follows:

MARCH 3/4 – “NICODEMUS” – JOHN 3:1-3, 19:38-42
MARCH 10/11 – “ELIZABETH” – LUKE 1:5-88, 57-66
MARCH 17/18 – “THE THIEF” – LUKE 25:32-45
MARCH 24/25 – PALM SUNDAY – MARK 15:1-49
APRIL 1 – EASTER SUNDAY: “Resurrection Faith” – Mark 16:1-8