Lent 2018

Thorns have a stubborn way of growing in the soil of our lives and choking off normal healthy growth. Mark 4 records a story about a farmer who sowed seed. Jesus said that the seed was the Word of God. Some people initially grab hold and embrace what they hear, but ultimately get sidetracked by life’s “thorns.” This Lenten season we are going to do some thorn pulling. Join us as we explore the thorns of comparison, expectation, apprehension, busyness and judgmentalism. Lenten services will use the well-loved Holden Evening Prayer. We hope that you will be present each week.

2/14 – Ash Wednesday – Luke 10:38-42 – Pastor Kassebaum
2/21 – Comparison – Mark 4:1-20 – Pastor Walloch
2/28 – Pharisaism – Mark 7:1-23 – Pastor Glesne
3/14 – Busyness – Genesis 1:31-2:3, Exodus 20:1-18, Matthew 11:28-30 – Pastor Walloch
3/21 – Pessimism – Philippians 4:4-9 – Pastor Lien