Love Life Live Lent

(Life lessons from the story of the Prodigal Son)

Our weekend focus for the season of Lent will carefully examination the lessons that can be learned from the story of the Prodigal Son. Since the whole purpose of the Gospels and the Lenten Season is to show us how to experience a restored relationship with God through Jesus Christ, what better tool to use than this beloved and powerful story. Each week we will look at key transitions in the fall and restoration of the prodigal and use it for our self-examination and growth. Here’s a preview of the upcoming topics and their Biblical reference:

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February 13/14 – “Tripped Up by Temptation” – Luke 15:11-13

February 20/21 – “Schooled by Separation” – Luke 15:11-19

February 27/28 – “Floored by Forgiveness” – Luke 15:11-20

March 5/6 – “Restored by Reconciliation” – Luke 15:11-22

March 12/13 – “Celebrating Sanctification” – Luke 15:11-24

Palm Sunday
March 19/20 – “The Price Is…” – Luke 19:37-44

Easter Sunday
March 26/27 – “More than a Holiday” – John 20:1-18