Miracles, Memories, & Momentum


Not only are we starting a New Year, we are also approaching the 40th anniversary of the ministry we know as Victory Lutheran. The actual anniversary is in April but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning not only how we want to remember these past 40 years but also lay the foundation for at least 40 more years. So for these next few months we’re going to highlight three key words: Miracles, Memories and Momentum. Our sermon focus in January will be on “Miracles.”

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JANUARY 8 – “Something in the Water” – Matthew 3:13-17

JANUARY 15 – “That Life-Changing Moment” – John 1:35-42

JANUARY 22 – “Let Go and Let God” – Matthew 4:12-23

JANUARY 29 – “Blessed in the Ordinary” – Matthew 5:1-12

During February, we are going to focus on the second “M” in our three part sermon series dealing with miracles, memories and momentum. That means we’re going to spend four weeks reflecting on some of our personal memories, some of the key dates from Victory’s 40 year history and some of the historical “acts of God” that are the foundation of our faith.

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FEBRUARY 5 – “Remember: In the Beginning” – Genesis 1:1-31

FEBRUARY 12 – “Remember: Signs and Wonders” – Exodus 12:1-30

FEBRUARY 19 – “Remember: Trained and Equipped” – Exodus 19 & 20

FEBRUARY 26 – “Remember: The Saints” – Hebrews 11:1-12:1


During March, we are going to focus on the third “M” in our three part series of “Miracles, Memories and MOMENTUM.” That means we are going to spend four weeks in March reflecting on the word “momentum” as it relates to both our individual lives and our congregation’s future. In general we want to be reminded that the words of Jesus suggest that regardless of our age, our best years should be ahead of us. We will take a good long look at Matthew 25:14-30 (the parable of the talents) and concentrate on four key words that will bless your life. Our four words this month are:

March 5 – “DELEGATION” – Matthew 25:14-15

March 12 – “AFFIRMATION” – Matthew 25:19-23

March 19 – “PROMOTION” – Matthew 25:21, 28-29

March 26 – “CELEBRATION” – Matthew 25:21 & 23 (no recording available)