Now I See!

The common theme of our January worship services will focus on the phrase “Now I See.” Traditionally the weeks after Christmas are considered a season of Epiphany. The word Epiphany means an experience of a sudden or striking realization of a Divine Being or understanding. After beginning with a healing miracle related to a man born blind on the first weekend, we’ll look at a number of Jesus’ parables- which are “earthly stories with a heavenly meaning.” 

The weekend of January 26/27 Dr. Robert Walter will be our guest preacher and offer a great stand-alone message, as well as, offer an introduction to his three day “Grace for Shame” workshop.

The weekend of February 23/24 will be an introduction to our exciting new 6-week series, “What on Earth Am I Here For?”

JAN 5/6 – “Now I See!” – John 9:13-25

JAN 12/13 – “The Great Feast” – Luke 14:15-24

JAN 19/20 – “The Sower” – Luke 8:4-15

JAN 26/27 – “Grace for Shame” – Dr. Robert Walter

FEB 2/3 – “The Weeds and the Wheat” – Matthew 13:24-42

FEB 9/10 – “The Heart of Man” – Mark 7:14-23

FEB 16/17 – “The Fig Tree” – Mark 13:28-33

FEB 23/24 – “Getting Ready for the Rest of Your Life” – Luke 16:1-9