Piercing the Darkness

Our January/February worship messages will focus on “signs” that God’s Kingdom is clearly and powerfully revealed through Jesus. You might call them miracles, but John’s Gospel refers to them as “signs.” During these two winter months, anyone can notice how the days are growing slowly and slightly longer. But believers will see something far more impressive and hopeful. When the Gospel writers speak of Jesus’ earthly ministry, they speak of wondrous ways that the light of Jesus literally pierced the darkness of the world’s sin, fear, brokenness and death. Here is our schedule:

January 6/7 – “When Water Turns to Wine” – John 2:1-11
January 13/14 – “When the Sick are Healed” – Matthew 8:1-4
January 20/21 – “When Storms are Calmed” – Matthew 8:23-27
January 27/28 – “When Demons Run” – Matthew 8:28-34

February 3/4 – “When Sins are Forgiven” – Matthew 9:1-8
February 10/11 – “When Unlikely People Follow” – Matthew 9:9-13
February 17/18 – “When the Hungry are Fed” – Matthew 14:13-21
February 24/25 – “When the Dead are Raised” – John 11:38-47 & 53