2016 Pray Like Jesus

Pray Like Jesus: The Lord’s Prayer (8-weeks)
Pastor Larry Kassebaum

The Lord’s Prayer is just one of the many precious gifts that was given to us by our Lord, Jesus Christ. This is a prayer that brings both peace and power into our lives. Pastor Kassebaum’s 8-week class will take a detailed look at each individual phrase in the prayer and what it means for our lives. Jesus wanted us to not only learn to pray this prayer, but He wanted us to learn to live it as well.

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1/11 – The Lord’s Prayer: Your Connection with the Father  (Recording not available)

1/18 – The Lord’s Prayer: The Prayer of Recognition

1/25 – The Lord’s Prayer: Surrendering to God’s Will

2/1 – The Lord’s Prayer: The Prayer of Dependence

2/8 – The Lord’s Prayer: The Cleansing Prayer

2/15 – The Lord’s Prayer: The Prayer of Release

2/22 – The Lord’s Prayer: The Prayer of Protection

2/29 – The Lord’s Prayer: The Prayer of Blessing


If you don’t know Christ…you cannot pray: “Our Father”
If you glorify yourself…you cannot pray: “Hallowed be your name”
If you reject His rules…you cannot pray: “Your Kingdom come”
If you won’t submit…you cannot pray: “Your will be done”
If your life is only in the here and now…you cannot pray: “On earth as it is in heaven”
If you are self-sufficient…you cannot pray: “Give us this day our daily bread”
If you won’t forgive…you cannot pray: “Forgive us our debts”
If you seek sin…you cannot pray: “Lead us not into temptation”
If you are a friend of evil…you cannot pray: “Deliver us from the evil one”
If you build your own kingdom…you cannot pray: “Yours is the Kingdom”
If you want power…you cannot pray: “Yours is the power”
If you want credit…you cannot pray: “Yours is the Glory”