Psalms for the Summer

Sermon Series: “Psalms for the Summer”
In June and July we will focus on a few of the Psalms (other than Psalm 23) that remind us of two important life lessons: 1) Regardless of what we are feeling or facing — many others have felt the same way and faced the same things and 2) God is wonderfully and powerfully present and is always at work to complete His will in our lives. To prepare for these messages and as an added blessing for your life, consider reading these Psalms prior to their appointed weekend. Here is our June schedule:

June 1/2 – Psalm 27 – “Feeling Safe in the Day of Trouble”
June 8/9 – Psalm 30 – “Letting Your Mourning Turn into Dancing”
June 15/16 – Psalm 32 – “Knowing the Joy of Forgiveness”
June 22/23 – Psalm 46 – “Finding Security in God’s Fortress”
June 29/30- Psalm 51 – “Being Cleansed and Restored”