Seeing the Resurrection

Palm Sunday and Easter services mark the beginning of a series we are going to call “Seeing the Resurrection.” Palm Sunday and Easter need little introduction but we are hoping you will be uniquely blessed by looking at some of the first individuals who met the resurrected Lord.

Our May weekend worship services will focus on several of the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. Our human nature often reacts to God’s mighty acts with responses based on doubt, confusion and fear. As we hear how some of the earliest disciples moved from their initial response to a resurrection, we will likely find our own faith growing as well. 

April 14 – “The King is Coming” – John 12:12-19
April 21 – “The Tomb is Empty” – John 20:1-10
April 28 – “Jesus Appears to Two Troubled Travelers” – Luke 24:13-35
May 4/5 – “Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene” – John 20:11-18
May 11/12 – “Jesus Appears to the Disciples and Thomas” – John 20:24-29
May 18/19 – “Jesus Appears to Peter and the Seven” – John 21:1-23
May 25/26 – “A Living Reminder” – John 14:25-31