Unexpected Presence

Old Testament prophecy, and many of the events leading up to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, give us an “up close and personal view” of how God is always with us — often in very unexpected and unnoticed ways. So starting on the weekend of December 2nd, and for the next four weekends, we are going to look at how God was present in the lives of men and women in the first century so we are better prepared to catch glimpses of God in our lives. At the end of the series we hope you have a new appreciation for the following: 1) When the unexpected happens, God is with us. 2) When the unexpected happens, we have a choice to make. 3) When the unexpected happens, seek God first. 4) When the unexpected happens, follow God’s plan.  Here is our schedule of Unexpected Events:

Dec 1/2 – “Mary is Visited” – Luke 1:26-38

Dec 8/9 – “Joseph is Visited” – Matthew 1:18-24

Dec 15/16 – “The Shepherds are Visited” – Luke 2:1-20

Dec 22/23 – “The Wise Men are Detoured” – Matthew 2:1-12

Dec 24 – Christmas Eve: “Christmas Love” – Pastor Kassebaum

Dec 29/30 – “Good News of Great Joy” – Pastor Lien