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  • “You Were Formed for God’s Family” 03.17.19 – Pastor Kassebaum

    Victory’s weekly worship messages for six weeks, will tie in with the book and small group study, What On Earth Am I here For? We will focus on helping listeners experience more of the wonder that God has in store for any who will trust his promises and obey his commands.

    MAR 23/24 – “You Were Created to Become Like Christ” – Rm. 8:28
    MAR 30/31 – “You Were Shaped to Serve God” – Eph. 2:10

    It’s that time of year for our annual coffee drive! Please bring your donations (especially decaf) to the counter in the Fellowship Hall. We are unable to accept Kirkland brand coffee because the grind is too fine for our coffee machine. Thank you for keeping our fellowship coffee free of charge.

    If you (or someone you know) needs a little extra hearing enhancement to enjoy our worship experience, you may pick up a hearing device at the Welcome Center before services.

    The Quilters will NOT meet in March due to Lenten Worship services. The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 30 & Wednesday, May 1 at 8:30am in the Fellowship Hall.

    You may purchase a copy at the Welcome Center for $5.00 or during business hours Monday-Thursday, 8am-4pm. (Cash or check only.)

  • Letter from the Pastor

    March 2019

    Close Doesn’t Count
    Pastor Larry Kassebaum

    “How can I,” he said, “unless someone explains it to me?” So he invited Philip to come up and sit with him. – Acts 8:31

    There is a word for being close to winning, it is called losing. While there might be some instances where being close is okay, it sure doesn’t apply to phone numbers, passwords, combination locks and lots of other things like lottery tickets. But more importantly, most people aren’t aware there’s a huge difference between knowing a little about God and their faith and knowing the whole truth. The Bible verse (above) comes from one of my favorite Bible stories. It’s a story about a well-educated rich man from Ethiopia who had traveled all the way to Jerusalem to worship. But even with that kind of devotion and commitment, he only knew part of the story. There were still many things that didn’t make sense to him. He couldn’t figure out how all of the pieces of the puzzle of faith fit together. He didn’t have peace and he certainly didn’t have an abundance of joy. But if you were to read on in the story, you would find that thanks to a conversation with one of the disciples, Phillip, he went from being close to having a mature faith to the real thing. The end result was an abundance of joy and a changed life.

    I can’t think of a better illustration to describe what we Are hoping happens in the lives of hundreds of people who will be worshipping and sharing in small groups at Victory over the next six weeks. Like Phillip with the Ethiopian in the story above, we are going to spend considerable time and effort trying to ensure that even life-long believers know the “whole truth.” As you look at the topics we will be discussing, compare it to calling a phone number. You can’t be wrong about any of the seven digits of a phone number or the whole call is futile. Likewise, if you don’t have a Biblical understanding of all of the following dimensions of faith, you might just have enough religion to make you miserable rather than blessed. With that perception in mind, look again at these statements and make sure you are living them all, because YOU MATTER TO GOD.

    If someone as wise and dedicated as the Ethiopian official couldn’t figure it out on his own, it’s probably foolish to think we can do it on our own too. I hope you already have, or soon will, make the commitment to spend time with other believers so your story ends the same way his did.

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Larry Kassebaum

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