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    DECEMBER 2017


    As soon as Thanksgiving is over, the stores and most people shift their focus to Christmas. Is it just me, or does it seem each year that Christmas advertising starts earlier and earlier? I even saw a Christmas display in September this year!
    Before we point a critical finger at the stores or the advertisers, we should probably ask ourselves several questions. Why are people of all ages so fascinated with Christmas? Why do people (we) spend so much money on Christmas gifts? Why are so many fascinated with the songs and the story of Christ’s birth during this season when they are too busy or too pre-occupied to spend much time with Him or His church during the rest of the year? The answer may be found in the difference between an understanding of Advent and Christmas.
    Advent is the four-week season of the church year that reminds us that Jesus not only came at Bethlehem, but He is with us now and will come unpredictably at the end of time. In other words, Advent reminds us that there is still something really wrong with the world. Our problems are always related to sin. Sin is the reason Jesus was born at Bethlehem and it is the reason He is coming again. We wish there was more peace, more love, more hope, more joy, etc. But each year we are reminded again that none of the gifts we give or receive can fully fill the void that is within us. The birth of Jesus (at Christmas) showed us that God knows and cares about our problems and is at work to save us. The Second Coming of Jesus (Advent) reminds us that we will not be completely free from sin, death, disease and pain until Jesus comes again in glory.
    There will be a lot of activity in and around Victory in the weeks ahead. Much of it will involve preparation for special services around Christmas. But everything we do is really grounded in getting ready for Christ’s return. God has prepared a place for us and He is also preparing us for that place.
    Remember that you play an important role in helping others prepare for Christ and His return. This is a great season to invite someone to join you in worship or to be a part of a Bible Study with you. We will remind you of our new Christmas Eve worship schedule. That’s one of the easiest times to invite someone to join you in worship. Note that because Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday this year, we will have our regular 8:00 and 9:30am morning services and then also have four Christmas Eve services at 3, 5, 7 and 11pm. (Pastor Walloch will also offer a 5pm service at our Crismon campus.)
    If you love someone enough to buy them a Christmas present, you will probably want to make sure they have a chance to receive the Greatest Christmas Gift ever given, even Jesus Himself!

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Larry Kassebaum

  • Sunday Movie Matinee


    Bruce Dalt, a hypercompetitive sportscaster, wants his son to be the star of the basketball team. When Bruce gets into a scuffle with the coach, he is sentenced to community service manning a Salvation Army kettle.


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