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  • Letter from the Pastor

    December 2018

    Something to Seriously Think About
    Pastor Larry Kassebaum

    “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” Luke 2:19

    The verse (above) is one of the last sentences from the Christmas Gospel that is read on Christmas Eve.  As much as I like the rest of the story, this is a verse that seems to take on more meaning with each passing year. This verse is another reminder for not only Mary but for all of us, that it’s not just about “what happens” but “what we do with what happens” that is important. 

    Mary did not yet know or understand all the details of what was in store for her and her son, but she did know that not everyone gets visited by angels and shepherds. She knew just enough to know that she was a part of something pretty incredible. It would take her most of her lifetime to understand what God was doing in the world and in her life. My guess would be that it took her over thirty years — not until after she had stood at the foot of the cross and then witnessed the resurrected Jesus — before she could really make sense out of all that was taking place. But even without all the answers, she trusted and obeyed. 

    Like Mary, there is much for us to ponder about God, about the world and ourselves. The more time we spend talking to and/or learning about God, the more we grow in awe and wonder of this God who loves us and the world so much. The more we ponder the world, the more we become aware of the power of sin and the evil that exists in and around us. The more we ponder our own lives, the more we are reminded of life’s uncertainties and the reality that we really do need a Savior. 

    I hope each of you will take some time this holiday season to reflect on the things God has been doing in you and in the world. More importantly, consider what God would like to yet do in your life. Christmas is not just a story about Jesus being born to Mary in Bethlehem. Christ’s birth is the story of a God who wants to be at work in and through each of us to reconcile the world to Himself.

    The best use of your life is to invest it in that which will last forever. Think about that!!!

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Larry Kassebaum

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