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  • “When the Hungry are Fed” 2.18.18 – Pastor Kassebaum

    Thorns have a stubborn way of growing in the soil of our lives and choking off normal healthy growth. Mark 4 records a story about a farmer who sowed seed. Jesus said that the seed was the Word of God. Some people initially grab hold and embrace what they hear, but ultimately get sidetracked by life’s “thorns.” This Lenten season we are going to do some thorn pulling. Join us as we explore the thorns of comparison, expectation, apprehension, busyness and judgmentalism. Lenten services will use the well-loved Holden Evening Prayer. We hope that you will be present each week.

    MEALS FOR MISSIONS will be served in between Lenten services in the Fellowship Hall. The cost of the meal will be $6 for one meal or $10 for two. Remember, the proceeds from these meals go to support the local, regional and global missions of Victory. If you find yourself without a partner, ask a friend to join you!
    Thank you to all who brought dessert bars last week! We have plenty for this week and do not need any more at this time.

    It’s time for our annual coffee drive! Please bring your donations to the counter in the Fellowship Hall. We are unable to accept Kirkland brand coffee because the grind is too fine for our coffee machine. Thank you for keeping our fellowship coffee free of charge.

    ENDING WELL: Exploring end of life issues from the Christian perspective
    MONDAYS, MARCH 5-26, 9:30-11AM  (Led by Pastor Steve Lien)
    Let’s admit it, most of us are in denial when it comes to our own mortality, thinking that we will somehow avoid having to deal with issues that are often uncomfortable.
    This class will help you talk with your family, friends and doctors about what you would like to happen if you get very sick or have a bad accident, let them know your wishes so they don’t have to make hard choices without you, and make sure your needs are met. We will explore these issues in a light-hearted manner, studying the scriptures and providing a safe place, time and context in which to have some important discussions. Invite family or friends and SIGN UP at the Welcome Center in the lobby.

    Lois Magnuson will share her experiences of spending 14 years on the Navajo Reservation with her husband and three sons and serving as a volunteer with the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission at the Many Farms station. Lois is past president of the VLCW and currently serves as its Events Coordinator. Tickets on sale this weekend. Cost $10.

    This year’s Africa Fundraiser Dinner and silent auction will be held Sunday, April 15, 12:00pm. If you have an item, gift basket or gift certificate you would like to donate for the auction, please drop off by April 8th. All donations are greatly appreciated and all proceeds go to support this summer’s mission team (August 23-September 3). Interested in going? Talk to Pastor Lien.

  • Letter from the Pastor

    February 2018


    This is a strange year in that Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day both fall on the same day. I don’t remember that ever happening before in my forty plus years of ministry. (I’m not saying it hasn’t happened but if it did I sure didn’t notice.)
    I love the imagery of those two events happening on the same day. Most of the world thinks Valentine’s Day celebrates the epitome of what true love is all about. But the reality is that no loving behavior between human beings can compare to the great sacrificial love exhibited by God’s Son, our Lord and Savior, who came from heaven to earth to suffer and die in our place and for our sake so that we might have life eternal.
    What is most remarkable about Jesus’ love for us is that He did His greatest work during the last week of His earthly life and even more so after His death. What a model for our lives!
    This Lenten season, I hope you will continue to thank, praise, serve and obey God because of the sacrifice Christ made for you. I also hope you will carefully consider what you might accomplish if you also make plans to share true love as your earthly life ends and also have a strategy to bless others even after your life on this earth has ended. As you will see in the adjacent article, Victory is going to offer you some valuable resources to ensure that you leave your loved ones a powerful and lasting legacy.
    I look forward to seeing all of you on Ash Wednesday and at the other Wednesday Lenten services. But I also hope you’ll plan on attending one of the two B.I.B.L.E. Study events we have planned for February 25 @ 3:00pm and February 26 @ 6:00pm. The Lenten Services will bless you, the B.I.B.L.E. Study sessions will show you incredible ways to bless others.

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Larry Kassebaum

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