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  • “EVEN IF…My Family is a Mess” 6.17.18 – Pastor Lien

    GriefShare is a program we offer at Victory Lutheran. Using videos and conversation in a small group, we learn how to find our own comfort in that loss. Our most recent program we had over 20 people who sought the comfort of GriefShare. The program meets every Monday for 12 weeks. You can visit as often as you feel comfortable. We start June 4 at 12:30pm. We will meet for two hours each week.  Visit us, find your own plan with God’s strength.

    Victory’s Mission Team is sponsoring a bottled water drive this month. Support local ministries that we serve by donating water! Cases of bottled water may be brought to weekend services or dropped off Monday-Thursday, 8am-4pm.

    Please pick up and sign for your copy in the Fellowship Hall. At this time, directories are only available for those who had their picture taken.

    Children’s bulletins are available at the Welcome Center. Activity bags are located in the lobby as you enter services. Children’s books available in the Nursery for use during services. Nursery services are available for children 4 and younger during worship services.

    Receive inspirational Bible verses each morning!
    Simply text the word “victory” to 41411

  • Letter from the Pastor

    June 2018

    Pastor Larry Kassebaum

    It has been said that 90% of an iceberg is not visible. Maybe that percentage should also apply to renovation work in a church. Since the congregation formed a Sanctuary Renovation Committee in late March, this group of five people: Ginger Kuemmerle, Bill Behrens, Michael Greco, Bill Corbin and Sally Duenow have met numerous times to find the quickest, most effective and inexpensive ways to address the needs of our worship space. A lot of background work has already been done, but it is mainly stuff you cannot see. For instance, we have an architect working on design drawings of the ways we want to address the need to improve our sound system, our lighting, our HVAC system, the appearance and the functionality of a forty year old building. But this is all tedious and it takes time. There is some good news though! We have determined that we can probably install most of the components of what will be our new sound system on a temporary basis. These components should address most of our sound concerns in the Sanctuary and while they will need to be removed and then replaced during the time of our major renovation, the building committee believes it is a minor price to pay to quickly improve our sound quality during worship. Plus, we have more than a little concern about whether we can get the plans, permits and the laborers we will need to complete our renovation before things get really busy here in the fall (we are thinking we need to do our major renovation work and still be able to be back in the Sanctuary by early October). We have signed the contract for this portion of the upgrades and we are anticipating it will take at least 4-6 weeks to get the components and then we will be at the mercy of the installers who are already quite busy.

    As to the major portion of the renovation, the latest information we have heard suggests that we should have the architect’s proposals by July 1. Then we will want to get congregational input and response. If this portion of the process goes quickly and smoothly, we will move to the permitting phase. Once these two processes are completed, we will be set for the construction phase. Our contractor said, they would like two full uninterrupted months in the Sanctuary for this phase of the renovation. You can see this is all going to be very challenging. If we want the contractor to be out of the Sanctuary by October 1, we will need to have them begin their work by August 1. The renovation committee knows this is a tall order but they are doing all they can so that if there is any way possible we can complete the project this summer if we move with “cat-like quickness.” 

    1) Pray diligently for God’s hand to guide all the key characters in this process because we will need at least a few miracles, 2) Be prepared to review and critique the architects proposals as soon as they are available, (Note: We plan on making them available electronically for those who can not be here during these summer months) and 3) Prayerfully consider ways you might give new gifts and/or speed up the giving of any pledges you made to last year’s Miracles, Memories, Momentum Campaign (because that is where the funding will need to come from for this project). 

    Victory has received a $250,000 matching fund gift that will double any contributions we receive for this fund up to that amount if those gifts can be given by October 1. This last component is so critical because even if we can navigate the plans and the permitting successfully, we will need access to sufficient funds to make it a reality. As if we needed any added incentive, we have heard numerous times that postponing these renovations even a year might raise the cost anywhere from 5-15%. If we ever needed God, we need Him now.

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Larry Kassebaum

  • Sunday Movie Matinee

    “JOHNNY” – SUNDAY, JULY 1, 3:00PM

    Johnny is an inspirational story about a ten-year-old boy in a foster group home who is dying of leukemia. Even though he has every reason to doubt God, all he does is trust Him. Johnny is sent to see Doctor Carter to see if there is anything that doctor Carter can do to help. Doctor Carter ends up taking Johnny into his home where his wife rejects Johnny, as he reminds her of the son she lost two years previously, and where Johnny bonds with their nine-year-old daughter. This is a truly inspirational story that will leave you in tears and filling spiritually fed. Watch as Johnny works to heal this family that has been torn apart by grief.

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