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  • “The Peacemakers” 5.20.18 – Pastor Kassebaum

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    At Victory we want to be intentional about fulfilling the command of Jesus in Acts 1:8 where He calls us to be His witnesses to Jerusalem (the congregation), Judea (our community), Samaria (regionally) and the ends of the earth (globally). As part of our commitment to this command and our way of serving others and spreading God’s word, Victory provides outreach globally through Orchard Africa and Samaritan’s Purse. Regionally, we support the Navajo Christian School and Mission in Rock Point, AZ. Locally, Victory serves our community through Family Promise, I-HELP and the Food Bank.

    Did you know aluminum can scrap is worth $1,367 per ton on average versus $310 per ton for plastic? Victory collects paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and metal cans. Please place in our parking lot recycle dumpster.

    Children’s bulletins are available at the Welcome Center. Activity bags are located in the lobby as you enter services. Children’s books available in the Nursery for use during services. Nursery services are available for children 4 and younger during worship services.

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  • Letter from the Pastor

    May 2018

    Pastor Larry Kassebaum

    “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” John 15:13

    The month of May offers us two important opportunities to reflect on the importance of sacrificial love. Mother’s Day speaks powerfully to the importance of sacrificial love in families. On this day, people will either celebrate the blessings they received from a mother who loved them sacrificially or they will be painfully reminded of what life is like when children aren’t blessed by a loving mother. Then at the end of a month, our nation has set aside a national holiday to remember how individuals and the nation has been blessed by the ultimate sacrifice of countless men and women who laid down their lives for the sake of others.

    For those of us who call ourselves Christians, we have added incentive and encouragement to not only remember those who have sacrificed for us, but to live sacrificially as well. It was Jesus who said, “love one another as I have loved you.” This command calls us to do far more than set aside several days each year to pay tribute to the power of sacrificial love. We are called to live each and every day mindful of the needs of others.

    The theme of sacrifice is a key component in the life of even our congregation’s purpose and planning. This is particularly evident in one of the next exciting and challenging chapters in the life of the congregation. Hopefully, you are all aware that Victory is in the very early stages of making a major investment in the future of this congregation. This investment will take the form of some major upgrades and renovations to our sanctuary. We know we have serious issues with our sound system but we are also dealing with lighting, heating and cooling, electrical and technology challenges that are associated with a 40 year old building. We have now secured an architect, a contractor and a company that specializes in sound and technology systems to help us chart the best course forward.

    These matters always move slower than we would like, but we hope soon to offer the congregation detailed images and specifics about what we can and should do to bless those of us here now as well as leave a sacrificial legacy for those who are not here yet. We are still hoping we might be able to do much of the remodeling over the slower summer months but with the slow pace of the permitting process, the challenge of finding the workers we’ll need during a time of booming construction and securing adequate funding for this project, it will be a challenge to squeeze the work into our summer/early fall schedule. We will keep you updated, but keep this important work in your prayers.

    Grace & Peace,
    Pastor Larry Kassebaum

  • Sunday Movie Matinee


    After being raised in an Oklahoma orphanage, 15-year-old Donald makes his way to California during the depression. He meets Emogene, the daughter of poor migrant farm laborers, and together they set out to break the cycle of poverty and ignorance. This is the inspiring true story of Donald P. Bailey, a charming, and eccentric father of nine, whose charisma and optimism set him apart from the average dad. But his golden voice made him a legend to his posterity for generations. His unique life is remembered through the eyes of his daughter, Elizabeth.

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