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  • Exodus 2020: “Lead” 5.24.20

    As a result of some changes to guidelines for group gatherings in the state of Arizona, Victory has taken another small step toward a new normal. We now offer a modified indoor worship option for our 4pm, 8am and 9:30am services. The preparation and guidelines for these services are as follows:

    – The worship areas will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before each worship service. – – There will be no social interaction and we encourage worshipers to use the hand-sanitizing stations and minimize touching of door handles, etc.
    – All ushers and greeters will be wearing face masks and gloves.
    – The offering will be “touchless” with buckets available prior to and after the worship service.
    – Chairs have been rearranged to maintain physical distancing of at least six feet between worshipers.
    – Worshipers will be required to wear a mask during their time indoors. This is not optional. If you don’t have a mask, one will be provided.
    – A “touchless” temperature check will be performed at the door. Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees will be asked to worship in their cars.
    – While the worship leaders/pastors will not be wearing masks during the service, they will be positioned at a safe distance from worshipers.
    – Congregational responses/singing will be minimal — remember we are all wearing masks.

    – We are reserving our shaded parking spaces for worshippers who will remain in their cars. (We are asking people who plan to worship indoors to use parking spaces on the western half of the parking lot.)

    – Saturday “drive in worshipers” are asked to use existing parking space under the shade of the solar panels.
    – Sunday “drive in worshipers” are encouraged to park facing south (as we’ve been doing with the guidance of our parking lot ushers) under the shaded sections of the solar panels.
    – We will continue to use radio station 105.3FM but now all our worship leaders will be indoors.
    – Offering and dismissal for the people worshiping in their cars will remain as before.

    We continue to hear sporadic incidents of people being contacted through email or the phone by people pretending to be represent Victory. If your caller ID or the return address of Victory Lutheran doesn’t appear we’d recommend you not answer or respond in any way. If we at the church need to contact you, we’ll leave a message and use only the church number or email address. Stay safe from the virus and from the con artists.


    Sign up to receive a link to these messages on your phone by texting the word victory to 888-897-5573

    If you do not have access to the internet or are unable to receive text messages you may call  480-588-2980 to hear a short daily devotion and update.

    Our weekend worship will continue to be posted here on our website and a weekly sermon link will be emailed to those who have subscribed to our Weekly News.

  • Communion Service


    We have heard from a number of you about how much you miss being able to celebrate and receive holy communion during this season of sheltering in place. Indeed, if there were ever a time when we desperately want and need communion, it’s now. Not only for the sake of the sacrament itself, but also for the sense of warm community and shared worship that we feel when we celebrate communion together.

    Since our Lutheran theology allows non-ordained people to preside at and distribute communion, we have come up with this online option that we pray you will find meaningful. You will be able to follow along with verbal and written instructions.

    • Invite a few others to join you for communion if you’re able
    • Prepare the communion elements
    • Prepare your hearts
    • Open your Bible
    • Confession of sins
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