LAMP LECTURES – 5 Bible Classes (JAN-FEB) Registration is Open!

Victory Lutheran has a solid history of great Biblical preaching and teaching, and we believe that God’s Word is a “lamp unto our feet.” So this winter Victory is offering five three-day Bible Classes that we’re calling Lamp Lectures. Each low-key Lamp Lecture will be pastor-led and will include discussion and reflection by participants. Cost for each class is $25. Click on the class title below to REGISTER.

Pastor Carol Peters
January 25-27, 2022 / Tues-Thurs / 9:30-11:30am

Too many Christians are living like a person with the winning lottery ticket who doesn’t have a clue. That’s the essential message of the Letter to the Hebrews.  In this letter, the Lord is calling us to move from childhood to maturity, from wandering in the wilderness to resting in the Promised Land, from hanging around on the outskirts of spiritual experience to abiding in the awesome Presence of God. The key to such a move is gaining a more comprehensive picture of Jesus and all He has done for us!  Hebrews guides the Christian into a fuller understanding of Jesus and His work. This course, taught by Pastor Carol Peters, will be an overview of Hebrews, with particular attention to the titles of Jesus and what they mean. We will also look at the letter’s instructions and warnings to us as believers, equipping us to “run the race” as winners! Cost $25. REGISTER HERE

February 1-3, 2022 / Tues-Thurs / 9:30-11:30am
Pastor David Palmquist

This study will focus on the second half of Paul’s letter to the church in Rome, and look more closely at chapters 12-16 to see how Christians practice the righteousness that God has given us by grace through faith.  Because of His great gift (eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord), we are certain that we can live securely.  We practice that security in the Church, in the world around us and especially among the weak, who need to know their Savior too!  Join us to strengthen your knowledge of how to live a very practical Christian life! Cost $25. REGISTER HERE

“GOD AND SUFFERING” – Pastor Carol Peters
February 8-10, 2022 / Tues-Thurs / 9:30-11:30am

Disasters.  Accidents.  Cancer.  COVID.  Why does a loving and powerful God allow so much suffering?  Or is God unable to stop it?  What answers does the Bible give us?  What comfort are we given in the midst of suffering?  How do we keep our faith intact and experience peace if we are living with pain — either physical or emotional — that is unrelenting?  This class will look at a few of the Bible’s famous “sufferers” and at what God teaches us about pain and suffering and our responses to it.  We will also draw on insights from other Christians who have struggled with questions of God’s apparent silence and seeming indifference. Cost $25. REGISTER HERE

“WHAT IS TRUTH?” – Pastor David Palmquist
February 15-17, 2022 / Tues-Thurs / 9:30am-11:30am

John 1, 8, 14, 16-18
Some have called Secular Humanism the only religion allowed to be taught in our public schools for 50 years, and it is still going strong. This an in-depth study of absolute and relative truth focusing on specific chapters of the Gospel of John.  We will hear Jesus talk about absolute truth found in Him and His Word, then use that understanding to examine and unmask relative truth promoted by “Secular Humanism.”  A tough subject, but very powerful to see what is going on in the world today! Cost $25. REGISTER HERE

February 22-24, 2022 / Tues-Thurs / 9:30-11:30am

If it’s been a long time since you were in Sunday School or Confirmation, or you’re new to, or curious about, the Lutheran faith you won’t want to miss being part of this exciting course on the fundamentals of our Lutheran heritage.  The course will be taught by Sarah Stenson and Chris Croghan, Co-Directors of the Luther House of Study at Augustana College/Sioux Falls Seminary in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Stenson and Croghan are experts in their field of Lutheran studies and spend most of their time teaching Lutheran seminary students, so we’re delighted they’ll be at Victory!  Our three sessions will explore the basics of our Christian vocabulary, Luther’s theology in a nutshell, and one of Luther’s fundamental teachings, the authority of God’s Word. Cost is $25. REGISTER HERE

A memorial service for RICH HARLES will be held on January 27th at 10:00am at Victory.
A memorial service for HOWARD JOHNSON will be held on March 12th at Sunland Village East, 2145 S. Farnsworth Dr., Mesa, AZ 85209 in the Main Auditorium. The service will be on Zoom, if you would like the link please call the office at 480-830-5024 and ask for Kathy.

The Book Club | Tuesday, January 25 @ 1:30-3:00pm
The Book Club meets at church on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Anyone who loves to read good books and discuss with others is welcome to join. January’s selection is “If You Tell” by Gregg Olsen.

Noisy Offering | January 29-30, 2022
This month for our 5th weekend “noisy offering” the proceeds will be going to support the ongoing service of Stephen Ministries. Collect all that loose change and bring it to your worship service of choice to “make a joyful noise!”

Quilters Update: All Quilters meetings have been postponed until after Lent and Easter. We will meet May 17 & 18.

GriefShare Group | January 17-April 11, 2022 
Mondays, 12:30-2:30PM (13-week program)
You are welcome to begin attending our grief support program at any point. Each session is “self-contained,” so you do not have to attend in sequence. REGISTER HERE

Victory’s Prayer Group | Meets Thursdays @ 10:00am
Open to all women and men. We meet weekly on Thursdays. Also, the Prayer Chapel is open Monday-Thursday from 8am-4pm, for anyone wishing to come and pray. Prayer is one of the most important tools we have!

Africa Mission Trip | September 8-19, 2022
Our trip is hosted in partnership with Orchard: Africa (, an organization started by two white South Africans 30 years ago. We will be working in Khayelitsha, a township of 2.2 million people outside Cape Town. We will be leading a 5-day orphan intervention course. The “VBS-style” program, “Akiiki Says Goodbye,” was designed to be used with vulnerable children who have recently lost a parent or loved one.
Cost: Approximately $3,800 which will include travel, meals and lodging, $200 deposit due by March 31, 2022.
Questions? Contact Eileen Hernandez at or 480-830-5024 xt. 127.

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land | August 23-September 1, 2022
Pastor Steve and Joanne Lien will be leading a tour of the Holy Land. General information is available at the Welcome Center where you can sign up to receive more detailed information. Members, friends, and friends of friends of Victory are welcome. If you’ve got questions, talk to Pastor Steve or Joanne. Cost $4,179 per person from Phoenix.